The Tamanu tree (Calophyllum inophyllum) is native to tropical regions in Asia but grows in many tropical zones around the world. The oil is extracted from the nuts of the tamanu tree and is a thick, dark green oil with a distinctive woody, nutty aroma and as a natural remedy has potent healing properties, including being an anti-inflammatory, and it is suitable for use on all skin types.

Tamanu oil is notably reputable for its pain relieving powers, especially for sciatica, lumbago and rheumatism, but should only be used once a week if you have sensitive skin, as it is highly acidic and can cause irritation.



- Pyrex Glass Measuring Jug

- Stainless Steel Spoon or Glass Stirrer

- Digital Scales for Weighing Ingredients

- Glass Amber Bottle

INGREDIENTS: (makes 100g)

- 97g Tamanu Oil

- 2g Rosemary Essential Oil

- 1g Ginger Essential Oil

NOTE: Try to use certified organic ingredients whenever possible.

CAUTION: Don't use rosemary essential oil if you have epilepsy or high blood pressure. Other essential oils can be used to substitute this oil if needed.

METHOD: Combine the tamanu oil, rosemary essential oil and ginger essential oil together and pour into a sterilised amber glass bottle.

NOTE: It is a good practice to always wear gloves (I like to use biodegradable gloves) when working with essential oils as they are volatile oil that generally shouldn't come into contact with the skin unless diluted into a carrier oil.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Massage the oil into sore areas to help relieve pain in the muscles, nerves and joints.

STORAGE: Store your bottle of oil in a dark cupboard, out of direct sunlight.

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